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Making table tennis accessible to everyone in barnet


Table tennis sessions in community centres and care homes to fight dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Regular group sessions can be organised in community centres or care homes.  They increase dexterity and motor skills to prevent or slow the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's.  Tables can be brought and taken away.  Sessions can be tailored depending on how active participants are and can be undertaken sitting down if preferred so they are suitable for very active groups and for groups with reduced motor skills. There are many activities that can be included in sessions like rolling the ball, bouncing the ball, throwing the ball, stopping the ball, pushing the ball, hitting the ball, aiming the ball and playing the ball. Sessions length can be tailored for any group.

Table tennis sessions for amputees, wheelchair users and those with learning difficulties

If there is sufficient interest, I will launch a session in 2020 at Barnet Table Tennis Centre, specifically for amputees, wheelchair users and/or those with learning difficulties. Please do contact me if you would like to attend. I also do private lessons and can do home visits if preferred. I can bring a three quarter size table tennis table with me or convert a dining table in the home using a portable net. 

Kids table tennis parties

Kids parties are available at Barnet Table Tennis Centre. They are great value and great fun. There are 9 tables so parties of up to 18 can be catered for. 

Private 1 to 1 table tennis lessons

Treat yourself to private 1 to 1 table tennis lessons with a European Corporate Games Champion in a purpose built table tennis studio. All abilities and ages welcome including beginners and those with special needs. Great if you want to improve fast or if you have special needs and want my full attention yourself.

Practice with me or use my robot and practice serving 200 balls

A great way to improve your table tennis without the expense of private lessons. You can play my robot or use me as a knocking partner if you just want to practice but do not want any coaching.

Play with a friend - hire my table

Hire my table tennis studio to play with a friend. Only available to customers having regular lessons.

Making table tennis accessible for everyone in barnet

Live Long


Table tennis can be played by anyone of any age. It is a natural therapy against the ageing process as it improves the function of the brain. It is social and lots of fun too which is great for well-being and happiness.  It is a great  sport to take up as you won't need to give it up in later life.  It truly is a sport you can play from cradle to grave.  Table tennis helps combat isolation and loneliness. 

My mum suffers early onset dementia so I set up Ping is King to help "fight dementia and Alzheimer's with table tennis"

Stay Strong


Playing table tennis has many benefits from hand-eye coordination, dexterity, fine motor skills, to upper body strength and balance. The media section of my website has a link to a BBC video showing 90+ year old players still playing table tennis. It helps maintain their strength and balance and reduces the risk of falls. Table tennis can be played sitting down and by wheelchair users so it is truly accessible for everyone. 

My uncle is a double leg amputee so I set up Ping Is King to "make table tennis accessible to  amputees and wheelchair users".  Please contact me if you want to play.    

Play Ping Pong


Everyone can lead an active lifestyle that combines regular physical and mental activity.  If you want to play table tennis, I can help. I do private 1 to 1 lessons, shared lessons for up to 4 players, home visits, group sessions in community centres and care homes, kids parties for up to 20 kids, and offer services for people that want to learn alone or play and practice with their  friends. 

A trial private 1 to 1 lesson with me is only £10

Lessons take place in Barnet, North West London.  Go on, give it a go! What have you got to lose?  It is an indoor activity so don't let the cold and wet winter weather stop you from having fun. 

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Please call Muz on 07811 346 177 for bookings and enquiries

Please call anytime for more information or to book lessons or parties.

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